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The Best Stainless Steel Fasteners You Can Buy

“It’s not a coating. It’s science.”™


Foreverbolt® was developed by a metal fabricator who couldn’t stand watching his creations corrode.

How much time and money is spent replacing or fixing things that have rusted? Foreverbolt® fasteners resist corrosion much longer than any stainless product on the market today. Combine that with a high luster and 1.9% gain in strength and the answer is clear. Foreverbolt® is a far superior fastener.



What is NL-19®

Over 15 years in the making, NL-19(SM) is Foreverbolt’s partners proprietary lab-tested process that alters the surface of stainless steel products, producing a brighter finish, 1.9% increase in strength, and superior corrosion resistance, all without effecting the fastener’s exterior dimensions.

It’s not a coating. It’s science.™

Zero Maintenance costs.

Guaranteed for life.

Will not fade or rust.

1.9% Stronger.


I've been building custom wooden boats for over 40 years, gives me comfort at night knowing that my creations will last indefinitely. I love my Foreverbolt fasteners

Boats Wayne Ettle

This Bike looks just as good as it did in 2009. The NL19 protective coating has really lasted the test of time. Looking forward to a multitude of maintenance free years.

Patrick West - Long Beach City Manager

We love this "crap". It doesn't corrode, like everything else. We have used a variety of fasteners and spent thousands of man hours on clean up and repair. Foreverbolt will be the difference.

Sand Island Waste water treatment center - Honolulu-HI

Very impressive, as an engineer, aviator and fabricator for over 50 years, I've never seen anything like this. Tank Studios has a new ally in war against corrosion.

Tank One Studios

This stuff is amazing!!! I have Foreverbolt hardware all over my Bonanza, no signs of rusting! This makes for one happy pilot.

Google Gulf Stream Pilot

I had an opportunity to meet Patrick and use his product. Without question I will be a repeat customer.
Awesome product, perfect for any marine application. No corrosion at sea.

Virgin Oceanic - co- founder/ pilot Chris Welsh